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Cristian Balanica

At a young age, I had only one goal in mind: to build an incredible physique that was strong and powerful.

It all starts with pain; painful days, weeks, months until you see any result. It’s so easy to just quit it all and forget about it.


You’re constantly thinking, why would I put myself through this torture when I can easily do something much more enjoyable?

Luckily for me, I had the right guidance when I set off and I found the will and motivation to push further and harder. 


you realise how good you feel after a workout, how your mood changes instantly, how your body becomes stronger and what boost of confidence you get from it all.


It will soon translate into being more focused, disciplined, organised in your day to day life. You begin to see the health benefits resulting from exercising. Your energy level goes up, blood circulation is improved and the endurance your muscles have achieved makes you feel like nothing is impossible.


Plus, your heart will thank you for the exercise every single day for the rest of your life.

One of our greatest gifts in life is our body. Why wouldn’t we look after it in the best possible way?



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