28-Day Fat Loss Transformation

Lose 5Lbs in 28 days and get your money back

when you follow through with the program!


I’ve created a program specifically tailored for women aged 25 to 40 who have 5-10lbs of fat to lose, want to tone up and improve their energy levels. The program is remote, takes no longer than 30 minutes 4x/week and it removes any excuses you may have of not being able to attend a gym.

Not only do you get to improve your lifestyle, but you have the chance to do it for FREE.


Here’s how it works: 

1. Fill out the application below. I’m only accepting 10 people and I am looking for people who are ready to get started in the next seven days.

2. If you qualify, I will email you to say hello and I’ll send you all the details needed, including an invite link to our private VIP Facebook group for this 28 day transformation.

3. The program costs £198, money which you will have the chance to get back if you stick to the schedule and achieve your goal of losing 5-10lbs.


4. During these 28 days, you’ll get workouts, nutritional guidance and support from me through the app, and support from your fellow participants through the Facebook group.

5. Once you’ve completed the transformation, that implies you've lost the extra pounds of unwanted fat, I’ll refund your money back! It’s a win-win partnership.

6. In the rare case of not achieving the goal of losing between 5-10lbs, your money will not get refunded. This should be an incentive to truly commit to the challenge and follow through.


This being said, how ready are you to change your life?

Click below to apply, there are only 10 spots available and it works on a first come/first served basis.



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