• Cristian


You’ve heard this before.

Our outer world is created by our inner world.

Our thoughts, feelings and actions is what creates our reality.

So, if you want to achieve your goal, you must change your frequency in order to get the mind-body connection that will put you into action and get the results you want.

1. Be aware of the foods you eat. “You are what you eat” applies here. One way to increase your vibration is by eating foods with high frequencies such as fruits and vegetables. Start to pay attention to how certain foods make you feel.

2. Drink water. This is a crucial element to keep your vibration and energy high. The more water you drink, the better you will feel as the body will keep flushing out the toxins, allowing more energy to expand.

3. Exercise. The best way of feeling the mind-body connection is through exercise. When your body can’t do the last two reps but your mind will keep pushing and you finally do it. The after burn effect and the sweat will give you an extreme high that cannot be replaced by any chemical drug!

4. Walk. Nature provides harmonic frequencies that are compatible with our personal frequencies. A walk in the nature will reduce your stress and help you clear your mind, balancing your energy also.

5. Laugh. Everybody knows that laughing is contagious and it’s an incredible way of changing your mood. Try and add a little humour to an intense discussion, it will change the energy of the whole situation.

6. Music. The music we love always makes us happy and raises our vibration.

7. Read. Always improve yourself and expand your knowledge. Read self-improvement books to increase your awareness and understand better the fundamentals of life. Books like "You2", "Think and Grow Rich" and "Awaken The Giant Within" are high vibration books that will not only make you feel better, but change your life.

8. Think. “We become what we think about”. If you think positive, then positive results will come, if you think negative, negative results will come. It’s that simple. Read it 5 more times and remember it. Pay attention to what you think about and if you catch yourself with a negative thought, ask yourself if it’s worth it, then dismiss it and turn it into positive thought.

9. Meditate. Many people ignore this subject because of the chaos in their daily routine. Taking 10-15 minutes to meditate will not only put you in a peaceful state of mind and tune you in with the universal, but will also help you attract what you want into your life.

10. Be Kind. When you start to focus on helping others something will change in you. The more you give (without expecting anything back), the more you get. By being able to change your focus from yourself, shifts your thinking into Abundance, which is a high vibration.

The Laws of the Universe are real, whether you believe it or not. Your energy and frequency are related to your thoughts and environment you live in. Using the suggestions above will help you create a mind-body connection that will put you in the right frequency to achieve your goals. I know many people don’t believe in this, but if you pay attention to your life and you’re more aware, you will start to notice that everything is connected, however you think about them. It is an ongoing study about yourself that teaches you how to use today for tomorrow’s betterment.


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