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Being a personal trainer in the gym you get to discuss people’s issues more often than anything else. One question I get a lot is “what is the best and fastest way to lose fat?”

There is no “fast way” of doing anything. Nothing that comes easy will stay for too long. So I want you to get rid of that thought in your mind right now and let’s see how we can turn this into our advantage!

Always question society!

First things first and that's to make sure you always question society or what people are telling you, find out your own rules, your own theories and do your own research before starting anything.

It’s like watching the news, for example, you have two different news channels and both have the same stories going on but the ideology is totally different. How they share the stories is different. So then who do you believe?

That’s why you have to do your own research, especially when it comes to nutrition and the healthy world. We’re not dealing with a blank blueprint for everybody. We’re all different and we don’t react the same as everybody to certain types of nutrition, supplements or workouts.

Even your brother or your sister, which are the same blood line as you, with the same DNA, will react differently.

With over 10 years of trial and error I got to the conclusion that our bodies work exactly like a car. You turn on the engine and drive. When the car runs out of fuel, you put in more fuel to keep going and get you to the destination. Our bodies work similar. You get up and get going. When your body needs fuel, you give it fuel.

There’s not enough time in the day and I know everybody’s busy and you’re running around like crazy trying to fit it all in. I have to admit it’s a fun ride, but when your body says “Yo, I need some food”, what do you do? You go find some food! You grab the food and go!

What the society says it’s right about breakfast, lunch and dinner it’s just a financial ideology. Look at the history and the way it used to be, look at different cultures nowadays, they have that one meal a day or they fast for different periods of time. Feed your body with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it will adapt to that schedule and will require it on a daily basis.

You don’t need all of that food. Society says we do, so therefore the breakfast club makes the money, lunch and dinner meetings, everybody is making money of you.

The secret recipe

The only secret recipe is having that mental switch go on in your head, saying “I’m going to do this and I don’t care how many times I get knocked down, I’m going to stand back up and continue to do it, I’m not worried about the temporary ups and downs of the daily life, I’m looking at the bigger picture and I’m going to get there”.

It’s a mental strength, taking charge of your life, plain and simple. It’s a lesson on mind over matter. If your mind is already there, your body will find a way to follow and get there. That’s why the gym can be a great teacher of success in any area of your life because you get that mind-body connection and that high after working out that will last you all day long. There’s nothing that can replace that feeling!

So no matter how hard you train and how dedicated you are with your nutrition, sleep and supplements, if you can’t see yourself already where you want to be, you will fail and quit. If you don’t believe it inside, you’re never going to be IT.

All the books you read and magazines try and sell you quick solutions for a permanent situation. Last time I checked, there is no such thing as that, it just does not work but yet so many people are still looking for that shortcut. Easy come, Easy go!

Do your sleep, cardio, lifting and nutrition with a powerful mindset and you will be successful.

Get your mind there, and your body will follow!



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