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Champions always come in pairs of two.

Now it depends how you actually see it. When I first started working out, my workout partner wasn’t a person, it was a dream, a vision, a belief – that should always be your partner that overrides anything else. You must define success, not let success define you.

1- Accountability- is very easy for you to make an excuse on excellence to yourself. You make a pact with yourself – I’m going to do this- right? But you don’t tell anybody and you will find any reason why you can’t do it that day. But if you make a pact with someone else, it's very hard for you to bail on that someone else. It would be very low of you to be the driving force of someone’s failure instead of prosperity.

A partner will keep you honest to your goal.

When you have a bad day at work or at home, the partner’s energy will be transferred to you and together you do the work. This will switch in time – When your partner has a bad day, you drag him into the gym and transfer your energy to motivate him and go through failure – that’s when you grow stronger. Failure is strength. By going 2 more reps you’re pushing the body beyond its limits and sending signals that it needs to grow.

2 – Check and balance – When you have a training partner, you workout at the same time, same way, doing almost the same workout routine, You’re eating the same and thinking the same way. Let’s say one day your partner has more energy than you do or he’s making gains and you’re not. At this point it's very easy to check what you’re doing wrong, right? You’re both doing pretty much the same thing but your partner grows and sees results faster. Then you can ask what are you doing wrong – it might be the stress in your life or a different eating pattern or not sleeping enough. You can build a report card together and battle for excellence.

Partners are ideal but also a crutch. Sometimes your partner has to bail on you, it can be for family issues, business issues or even health issues. Now all of a sudden, you don’t know what to do without your partner, there’s no motivation anymore. That can never happen because a partner is just a module for your success. Your partner then must be your belief that you’re doing something for betterment, that you’re there for a reason and you know you can become that – that is the ultimate partner.

In my situation, because I have a crazy schedule, I don’t have a partner. I wish I did. Once in a while I get to train with a partner but for the most part, it’s impossible for me to conform with someone else’s schedule or they to mine so we can go on a consistent basis. So if you’re the same, then grab whoever you find around the gym to help you lift that extra rep or do drop sets but make sure you do the work. Many people will find this as an excuse because they rely too much on someone else for their goals. When you get into the gym, YOU are the ideal partner – the better you that’s invisible and only in your mind – that’s your ultimate partner.

So if you do see people in your gym doing similar things as you do, ask them if you can pair up and start working together. If not, then just do your own stuff and stop making excuses for yourself. Absolutely every rep counts!



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